Let’s Explore! the Brand New Learning Hub, ‘Kensington Learning Space’
12 March 2020

Let’s Explore! the Brand New Learning Hub, ‘Kensington Learning Space’One-stop, stunning learning center for fun and holistic classes for children!Society today, whether in terms of technology, speed of news, or education, makes us see a stark contrast between the past and the present. Parents recognize this rapid progress and realize the importance of education as the foundation and preparation for the future of children. KIDDEEPASS brings you a special opportunity to be the first visitors to tour the latest learning space for kids! Kensington Learning Space is the first and only creativ

Update! New Kids Activities on KIDDEEPASS
05 March 2020

This summer vacation, you may find some playspaces, attractions, or classrooms for your kids. We believe you might be bored with the same place or activity and you would like to bring your kids to get a new experience. We collect the latest activities on KIDDEEPASS platform and we will keep you updated on our new partners during this moment. Here are our kid's activities for you! Lilliput CafeLet’s chill out at a family cafe, Lilliput Kids Cafe for your weekend. Here offers premium Italian foods and beverages that guarantee a nice taste and good for health! There are menus for adults and

Let’s have fun at ‘Funarium Zpell’
27 February 2020

Please follow KIDDEEPASS to explore an indoor playground for kids at Funarium Zpell on the 3rd floor, Future Park Rangsit. This is the second branch of the ‘Funarium’ with a 1,600 square meter area where children can enjoy running and playing freely. Funarium Zpell provides toddler zone, kids zone (for children aged 4-13 years old), workshop room, Fun cafe, and Birthday or party room. There are a bunch of fun activities at this space for your kids and family. Let’s find out all the fun together! Start at the front of Funarium Zpell entrance, there is a counter service that is ready to giv

Experiencing organic farming and sustainability route at Patom Organic Farm & Village
20 February 2020

Located in Nakhon Patom, Suansampran is an eco-cultural destination where you can take your family to recreation and not far away from Bangkok. Step into a shady atmosphere under big trees and pure fresh air. More on vegetable gardens, orchards, rice fields and learning space for an organic concept. As a lot of activities give a local wisdom experience, learning to prepare the soil for planting, seedling, growing vegetables and fruit, making fertilizer, and processing seasonal produce to quality and organic products.KIDDEEPASS takes you to see the story of Patom Organic Farm and Patom Organic

Teaching Your Kids to Survive During an Active Shooting Situation
12 February 2020

Today, there is an increase in news about terrorism or active shooting in a public, which is a concerned topic for parents as it’s an unpredictable situation. We cannot foresee what will happen to us, so parents should prepare the way to prevent and protect your children. You should tell your kids to be aware and acknowledge it and how to survive when facing or finding yourself in a dangerous situation. KIDDEEPASS would like to give you some advice from the authority to teach your kids for these unfortunate events. There are 3 pillars which are Run, Hide, Fight.   'Run' is an ev

Fun Kids Activities during PM2.5 Pollution and Virus!
30 January 2020

The current air pollution and Coronavirus situation still have to be aware. Cause of the dangerous direct effect on health and life, parents must prepare for this case. Practice your children to wear a mask, use the air purifier, and make sure that your house stays clean. During this period, kids should be restricted from outdoor activities, avoid traveling to any tourist attractions and crowded areas such as department stores, and pet markets.According to this situation, KIDDEEPASS selects variety of activities for kids that concern and follow the safety practices to prevent both PM2.5 pollut

6 reasons why your children should learn ‘Coding’
23 January 2020

Nowadays, technology is a part of our life. Using a computer or any gadget is a simple thing for children in this era. The children learn how to use and familiarize themselves with the facilities which are convenient and fast. Those systems come from ‘Coding’ or ‘Programing’ and this is one of a subject that may be necessary for the future. Learning to code is like studying another language that communicates with a computer, robot, and so on such as application, game, and website. It’s a challenge to children for learning and develops their skills, which they will gain more benefits from

6 Indoor Athletic Activities for Sport Lovers during PM 2.5
16 January 2020

Once again, the PM 2.5 returns with a more exacerbating unhealthy level of air pollution. It’s direct effect to our children’s health as their respiratory system is not fully developed and the respiration rate is faster than adults’. As you know, the best way to protect the children from this situation is not allow kids to play outside and stay at home with an air purifier. When the level of pollution is higher than 90 micrograms/m³, it directly affects health and respiratory systems, especially lung function. If you have to go outside, do not forget to wear a mask that can prevent PM2.5 pollu

Let’s get fun at Siam AMAZING Park with KIDDEEPASS
26 December 2019

If we talk about an amusement park and water park in Bangkok, there is one and only one place which is ‘Siam Amazing Park’ or the old name was ‘Siam Park City. Recently, the Siam Park City is rebranded to ‘Siam Amazing Park’. A dreamland destination coming with many fun rides for all ages. A booking system is updated for buying much easier, which you can buy offline (at the ticket counter) or online. As mentioned, KIDDEEPASS is cooperating with Siam Amazing Park to launch a saver package which includes Amazing Pass and International Buffet coupon;Adult only THB735  from THB1,150 the norma

KIDDEEPASS New Activities of The Month
12 December 2019

What’s on during November and December. KIDDEEPASS seeks out new activities for kids and families to lid up the idea of bringing your children to learn new things. Developing skills and fulfill a free time with these fun and knowledgeable activities by our quality partners. Our class and activities are not limited only Bangkok area, we also have Rayong and Nakhon Patom. We do not want you to miss it. Let’s check it out!MU Minicar Club (For kids age between 7 - 12 years)A camp for the car lover! Your kids will drive MU Minicar (Tot Rod) and Go Kart and learning through S.T.E.A.M S.T.E.A.M games